The brief.
Wallaroo has launched an absolutely fabulous new range of mouthwatering savoury snacks! Delicious crunchy giant corn kernels and tasty Peruvian fava beans. They even included exquisite dried apricots to their already amazing dried fruit range. And they have commissioned us once again to craft their new packaging! 

We absolutely love Wallaroo's philosophy and unwavering passion for health and nature! So developing sustainable packaging is incredibly exciting for us as we are thrilled to have recently moved to our new studio-farm-lab, which has only strengthened our commitment to partnering with like-minded brands and individuals who share our values. 

Great, getting back on track! Wallaroo’s exciting new product launch meant us simultaneously starting with two points in our creative process. On the one hand, we needed to expand the playful colour palette of the original fruit range and create a new and clearly different one for the savoury range. On the other hand, we also needed to create three new characters to represent the new products. Both colours and characters had to visually communicate with the existing products. 

We're absolutely thrilled to share our creative process on this fun project!
The Fruity Palette
Packaging main colour
We start with a base colour per pack and play with the other colours in the graphic details.
Apricot Character
Character and colour rough sketch
The Fruit Range
Rough packaging sketch
Going Savoury!
For the Savoury Range we crafted an earthy palette that contrasts the tropical/vibrant tones of the fruity range palette. At the same time, we focused on maintaining the playfulness, and boldness that characterises Wallaroo’s brand. 
Packaging main colours
Giant Corn + Fava Beans Characters
Character and colour rough sketch
The Savoury Range
Rough packaging sketch
We’re a crafty team by nature, and we love drawing not only characters but letters. Wallaroo’s packaging project is the perfect set to show off our handlettering skills.
Detailed sketches + Final Artworks
Apricot - detailed sketch
Giant Corn - detailed sketch
Fava Beans - detailed sketch
Patterned textures
It's the detail that counts! To highlight the characters and bring texture to the packs we have designed a pattern that glues the design elements together
Challenge unblocked!
Both, the compostable and the recyclable packaging have a paper coating that gives a more natural uncoated finish. Packs are printed on a nine-colour press meaning after CMYK we had five spot colours to use across each pack. The design process required careful planning to account for the new tones within the constraints of the printing system. We're thrilled with how final artworks turned out :)
Final artworks
Yummy by nature!
There's never a shortage of Wallaroo in our studio. 
We absolutely love them!
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